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We are happy to discuss your requirements for special projects or installation of your automated food processing systems. 

Recently we worked on a bespoke installation project with a customer in the USA.

The initial step was to move a smoking kiln from Ohio to California. We then overhauled it, prepared the new space to the customer's specifictions and installed the kiln.

Once installed and tested we assisted the customer with recipe development and advice. 

the kiln

The kiln is moved fom Idaho to California before overhauling.

AFOS Uniflow

The kiln was bought off e-bay, but unfortunately the back was broken when it was transported.

We got the call to come and have a look and ended up removing it, stripping back the outer skin and repairing the chassis, and at the same time it was modified to increase airflow.

It was originally a walk-through and as the customer did not require this function, the rear doors where removed and 'walled' up in stainless.

The smoke producer's eco system unfortunately had to be removed and this too was overhauled before an auto-wash system was fitted and the kiln installed on site.

connecting the ASP to a modified afos AK4

This modified AK4 was originally from West Country Smokehouse before being sold on.

We had to connect it to the ASP located across a walkway/keep clear area.

We used stainless pipe with fire monitoring fitted as well as inspection hatches to enable the duct to be cleaned.

Fitted it over a weekend so the customers production was not affected.

Once it was connected up we had to carry out some repairs to the panel as it refused to work.

Left it working and on the way home Sunday night.

an AFOS maxi

This Maxi kiln was brought in to be overhauled, and as with these older units, there have been some fires in it, causing the back corner and the roof to warp.

We peeled the roof off and corrected the rear corner issue, before fitting a new roof, door seals, smoke boxes and inspection covers.

A new control box was also fitted along with heating elements.

We then went and fitted the unit in another customers premises.

data logging system for morrisons

This project was to design and install a series of data loggers to monitor the temperature of products in a number of freezers.

We used our standard wireless temperature probes coupled with a PLC and a stainless ECOR touch screen that was linked to a cloud service for remote access.


Effluent control system for thorntons

This system was to replace the current effluent control system.

It was to be connected to a standby generator and has remote access will various alarm monitors as well as power monitoring.

Housed in a GRP housing with a custom made remote test handset to allow engineers to override the main system and test each individual component.


converting an afos ak6 to an ak4
then installing it in maine, usa

This kiln was removed from Dublin, by us, and put in storage before a customer in the USA tried to get an AFOS AK4 for her business, hot smoking product, and couldn't.

As the AK6 is not a popular size, and since there had been no interest in it we took it out of storage, cut it down to an AK4 footprint, fitted a full stainless steel floor and manufactured a brand new roof before pre-assembling it outside the workshop prior to shipping.

The kiln was installed in Maine complete with a brand new ASP unit and has been happily hot smoking product ever since.



This kilns existing SIEMENS control system was removed and replaced by our NoVuS control system.

The original side mounted control panel was removed and the new one was hoisted up into the roof void, where a fridge unit was added to the side in order to cope with the 50 Deg C heat.

A separate HMI panel with data logger was installed on the wall next to the kiln to allow for easy operation

As with our standard upgrades, everything was replaced with the exception of the water pump, and also an uprated auto clean system was fitted, which again is standard in all upgrades.

The main difference to this upgrade was we also fitted a full door interlock system as well.


Installing one of our brand new, hot smoking kilns in California

This is one of several brand new kilns that we have manufactured and installed.

Its primary purpose is the hot smoking of salmon and sturgeon and is equipped for both high and low risk.

Whilst on site we also moved an existing control panel and repaired a WSM180.

As the majority of our customers are hot smokers, our kilns are built around this requirement and are happy operating at 130 Deg C however we have also manufactured kilns capable of going up to 180 Deg C.


Kiln 1.1.png
ness steam ovens

This project required the main NESS controllers to be replaced with an updated PLC based system.

We designed a new head unit and hooked it up to the existing main control cabinet located in the roof.

All the recipes where reloaded onto the new system and off they went.

A remote Exor screen was fitted in the high risk side of the kiln giving the operators in that area an indication of the time remaining of the current process.


upgrading an afos double maxi control system

This Double Maxi was over in the USA and was having issues with the original Eurotherm controller so we removed it and fitted a simple time/temperature control system  

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