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steam oven repairs & rebuilds

We offer servicing packages to maintain your steam ovens and their control systems. 


As well as servicing, we can repair and overhaul your existing ovens as required. We can supply a range of replacement parts as required and also offer complete, new up to date control systems with door interlock control, data logging and SCADA interfacing.

We supply products & services to the food processing industry worldwide. Based in Hull, we specialise in AFOS smoking kilns & defrosting units. We supply AFOS spare parts and we also service steam ovens and GEBA salmon slicers. We carry spare parts for GEBA slicers, AFOS kilns and JUMO control systems.

upgrades & retrofitting

Our technical team are proud to work closely with Jumo to develop control systems which can be applied to both new and old steam ovens.

We can upgrade existing systems or retrofit them as required. The reputable and reliable Jumo control systems with the optional Jumo SCADA system are installed by our knowledgeable and experienced team. 

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