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ovens, kilns & Machines for sale

We are worldwide machine builders and suppliers of equipment for smoking, drying and defrosting.

Although our core business is the complete overhauling of existing kilns and equipment on site including NESS, Gernal and AFOS, to name a few,  we also recover kilns back to the workshop for overhauls then either return them or sell them on for customers.


Check back here regularly to see what machines we have available for sale.


To enquire about components please visit our spares page.

AFOS AK1 smoking kiln for sale

We currently have a very rare AFOS, walkthrough, AK1 kiln, as depicted on the left, in storage awaiting a full overhaul which will include:

  • Original overhauled baby smoke producer 

  • A fully up to date control system with data logging and colour HMI

  • Complete new wiring, sensors etc

  • Existing single trolley with  mesh trays

All the bearings, elements and motors will be changed and the unit tested before being shipped out. As with all the equipment we supply, new OR secondhand, there will be a 1 year warranty attached to this unit.


AFOS Double Maxi

We have an original AFOS double Maxi kiln with twin fans in the side instead of the newer versions that have a single fan in the upper chamber. 

This unit also has an original AFOS mini smoke producer which along with the kiln will be stripped down and overhauled.

This kiln comes with 1 set of  original trolleys and brand new mesh trays, time and temperature control and an on/off switch for the smoke producer

AFOS Double Maxi Kiln
Afos Smoking Kiln
30 Stone kiln

This kiln is to be fully stripped down and rebuilt before being sold on.

It is an original Ribble Valley smokehouse, AFOS 30 Stone smoking kiln with a stainless floor so it is literally drop and play, no need to concrete the floor.

As with all overhauls it will be fully rebuilt with new control system, bearings etc and comes with a brand new smoke producer as well as fully integrated auto wash system

It will be supplied with 2 trolleys and the 850 X 850mm mesh trays

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